Our KNOWN services exist to see all young adults come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Our Heart is to see every person experience the love of God right where they are in their life journey.

SUNDAY NIGHT 6:30 – 8:15 PM
Worship Art Center (WAC)
1515 S. Glendora Ave., Glendora, CA

CONTACT INFO: Pastor Joshua Baker


P: 626.335.4067 X:147 

Life At Grace

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We are committed to partnering with families to help the spiritual growth of our children. We believe grown-ups should have a great experience in their service while our kids have an age-appropriate, excellent experience in their own.

Camille Castro

Junior High

Junior High

Jr High is designed to help 7th and 8th grade students build relationships and strengthen their faith in God. At this stage in their lives, students are starting to own their faith and wrestle with what it actually means to follow Jesus. They are also looking for stable friendships with peers and leaders that they can trust.

Adam Keehn

High School

The High School Group exists to help high school students build deeper relationships with God, each other, their families, and their community. The high school years hold many important character-shaping moments and students are asking “who am I” and “what will I do?” They are also looking for stable friendships with peers and leaders that they can trust.

Kim Harp

College/Young Adults

“KNOWN” is our young adult group that is dedicated to seeing all people come to faith in Christ. We desire to see a generation that grows and tangibly experiences God.

Josh Baker


At Grace Church of Glendora we have developed sports programs to teach the skills of the game and teamwork in an atmosphere of fun and competition.

Zack & Lara Stremel

Spiritual Life

Spiritual Growth is marked by ups and downs; times of nearness and times of distance from God. Every step of the way God is inviting us to seek Him in our inner being where we discover who we are in Christ. What’s God inviting you to?Let us help you take your next step.

Donna Cooper

Kingdom Causes

We care deeply for those most in need, and embrace opportunities to extend Jesus' love across the globe, in genuine and practical ways.