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Deuteronomy 14:29 says, “And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do.” Our ministry takes to heart the needs of the community, both locally and globally. Our ongoing relationships with local organizations has given us the opportunity to meet the needs of those in our community and beyond.  Resource Ministry does this in 4 practical ways:

1. Duffel Bags to every foster child or student detained and brought to the Department of Children and Family Services office in Glendora. Each duffel bag is packed with age appropriate clothing and Bible. For many of these kids their belongings get stuck in a plastic bag so this gives them dignity and something to call their own. 

2. Through our Care Community we champion and support those who are willing to foster and adopt a child for a lifetime. This care includes but is not limited to; prayer, meals during transitions, respite care, help with visitations. 

3. We bring hope and healing to families through Giftember, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas where we give generously and provide meals to over 300 families in our community. Stay tuned for more details starting each year in October.  

4. Lastly, our Resource ministry partners with our Mexico orphanage. We provide leadership, funding, and visits throughout the year. 

We want to continue to bless and impact our local and global community- would you help us? You can help with one or all of the ways listed above because Everyone Can Do Something! 

Contact John and Rhonda Volbeda at resource@grace-church.com to get involved! 


Grace for Latin America

 We have an ongoing partnership with a home for displaced children in Ensenada, Mexico that we have been able to support with groceries, safe drinking water and natural gas. We strive to visit several times a year to serve the location with ongoing projects and foster personal relationships with the kids who live there. The kids worship live with us every Sunday via our online platform.

Contact Monica Giron at mgiron@grace-church.com to get involved. 

Pathway For Hope (PFH)

In 2018, Grace Church launched a new community development program that focuses on helping women and families extricate themselves from economic hardship, low education and a lack of opportunity. The program is called Pathway For Hope and seeks to provide a community in Manila, Philippines, with “holistic opportunities for people’s empowerment”. Goals for the program include growth and expansion, positive change and transformed lives. So far, Pathway has trained several women in sewing and business basics and provided life skills training.

Contact Rick Langeloh at rlangeloh@grace-church.com to see how you can get involved in our Pathway For Hope ministry.



Chaplain Mrotzek ministers to women in the Los Angeles County jails and the prison system. She leads Bible Studies, disciples women and keeps in touch with women after they have been released.   


Joseph and Michelle have a desire to see communities reached with the love of Jesus through believers and churches becoming involved in foster care and adoption ministries, partnering with ministries who are fighting sex trafficking within Los Angeles and helping to plant churches within communities that are not being reached by the gospel as well as partnering with existing churches to reach their city.

Southeast Asia

Quinten & Kate

Quinten and Kate work with students and church networks in southeast Asia.


After having served in Austria for almost 36 years, Peter and Celeste returned to the States in 2019. Peter is Director of Global Prayer Initiatives and Celeste is a volunteer Alumni Liaison, providing member care for former WorldVenture global workers.


Doug and Krista minister in the outskirts of Paris, France. They are currently working in a church plant in Chevry-Cossigny. Doug is pastor of the church, a field leader for the missionaries with WorldVenture in France, and a leader in the regional French church association. Krista works within the church leading children’s and women’s ministries.


Andy and Nadine have been working in (North) Macedonia since 1995. They have helped start two churches, as well as serving in a community center that does educational and humanitarian projects. In 2018, Andy was asked to share a new leadership role: as co-Ministry Director, helping oversee all of SEND’s personnel in the country. Nadine assists Andy in this role, as well as discipling ladies in the local church they are developing.


Jim directs the prayer ministry of Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB) and sends out prayer requests to a large group of people who support the mission in prayer. He is also available as requested for other ministries like speaking and retreats.


Paul and Roz served as missionaries in Papua New Guinea for 28 years before returning to the United States. Paul serves as Director of Stewardship Development, helping develop resources to advance the spread of the gospel through Ethnos 360. The mission focuses on those who have yet to hear the message of Jesus Christ.


Claire and Joseph serve with One Collective in Masatepe, Nicaragua. The ministries in Masatepe each address a specific physical need in the community, while at the same time giving people opportunities to hear the gospel and experience transformation through Jesus. Working in close partnership with local Nicaraguan staff, Joseph manages infrastructure projects and Claire coordinates short-term serve teams.