(January 6, 2021)


Grace Family, 

Happy New Year! We want to begin this year clinging to the hope that is ours in Jesus Christ and having that hope propel us forward to impact this world for the Kingdom of God. 

As we look around at our local community and see that the COVID-rates and hospitalizations are only continuing to rise in the new year, we have sought the Lord once again and have decided to continue to take extra precaution by having no in-person gatherings here at Grace over the next few weeks. We are not doing this because we have to but as an act of love to our Grace family and our local community. 

This means; 

      • Online only services will be held on Sunday mornings until the foreseeable future (follow our social media for the most current updates regarding our campus)
      • We will be taking a break from any additional in-person gatherings on campus as well until the foreseeable future.

Here at Grace we believe that we are supernaturally and strategically placed in other’s lives so that we can influence them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This truth remains the same whether we gather in person or online…so, how will you love and impact your “8 to 15” that God has placed in your life this new year? We can’t wait to hear how God uses you for His Kingdom purposes.