We are sensing the Holy Spirit wants to make a shift in our lives individually and corporately. We want to learn how to position ourselves to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and live it out! 

Pray With Us

 for 40 days, 24 hours a day  

September 25 through November 3rd

We ask that you pray at the designated time slot of your choosing during the 40 days. We are desiring to cover each hour of the 40 days in prayer.

As we pray over the next 40 days we want to seek and ask for:

  • We want to seek God’s presence for our own personal lives and for the life of Grace Church of Glendora.
  • We want to make the necessary shifts in our lives to fully participate in the building of His church so we will pray for our elders and our pastors.
  • We will ask the Lord how we can bless our community and reach lost people.
  • We will ask the Lord to help us develop disciples who can navigate the challenges of this life and live lives that please the Lord.


Join us this Tuesday, November 3rd as we end our 40 Days of Prayer together on the Grace sports field by the flag pole anytime between 3:00-6:30 PM. 



We want this to be an intentional time of praying together as a Grace family for our nation!