Discerning the Will of God Together

We don’t want to be just another church!

Join us now to find out how

Grace Church of Glendora is doing just that!


 At the end of 2021 we asked our Grace family to fill out a Congregational Assessment Survey. We want to kick off the 2022 year by carefully listening to those surveys, as well as discussing and praying together through our Sunday services and in our leadership teams. Ultimately learning how to discern the will of God together- as one church body! It’s going to be good. We’re depending on the Holy Spirit and we want you to be a part of it all. 

Join us this Sunday at 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM as we continue this series!

Watch the latest sermon below!



We want to invite you into an all-church, corporate fast the week of January 24-30th. We’ll be giving up food from 6:00 AM- 6:00 PM and we’ll be giving up any and all digital distractions from 6:00 PM-6:00 AM. We don’t want this fast to be just another fast- where we do it with strings attached or where we now feel God is obligated to speak! We want to do this to fall deeper in love with Jesus. To draw closer to the heart of God (Isaiah 58). 

As you abstain from food and digital distractions, what can you do to draw closer to the heart of God? What helps your soul exhale? What stirs your affections for God? What can you do that draws you out of your comfort zone? Engage in those things! Follow us on Facebook as we offer some practical suggestions throughout the week.