It would have been easy for Viken Tashjian to stay in his comfort zone.  He had played the drums in the worship band for several years and was content to stay in music ministry.  It came as a surprise when Viken felt the Holy Spirit nudging him to make a change.  As he followed the Spirit’s leading Viken ended up as a leader in the junior high ministry.  In the beginning his new position seemed to defy logic – Viken knew there were people more patient and qualified than him however he trusted that God had a reason for placing him in youth ministry.  Over the years that he has spent leading teens Viken has experienced unexpected blessings in providing biblically-based guidance for life defining choices.  According to Viken the greatest gift he has encountered is seeing the fruit of his investment in the ministry — currently five members of the junior high ministry team are returning students!  

We can all agree that it is challenging to move beyond our comfort zones, especially when the change we feel prompted to make does not make much sense.  We, like Viken, can take our surprise and trepidation to Jesus and bravely do what He asks us to do for His kingdom.