They attend Grace Church and God’s given them a story:

I was always looking for comfort in other people, but the greatest comfort I could receive was in finding Jesus in my life.
:: I’ve had this freedom to live my life more abundantly.
:: Part of this abundant life is really loving the children that God has brought into my life.
:: God led my husband and I to become foster parents.

We are both introverts:
:: God has been teaching us how to invite people into our home.
:: He’s been teaching us how to live with others.
:: It’s been a real learning curve for us, as well as for our son.

Our foster child:
:: Didn’t know how to read when she first arrived • now she can read.
:: Was behind in school • now she’s caught up.

By helping her, I can share the love of Jesus with her. We can tell her that God wants to comfort her and her wounds. We can tell her how much God loves her. And THAT has been so healing in my life!