They attend Grace Church and God’s given them a story:

I’ve always been an introvert but, every week, we receive social workers and therapists, etc. in to our home and they all wonder why he is doing so well…being foster parents gives us an opportunity to share with them about the support we have from our church family.

A few years ago, we started talking about doing foster care. But all of that was just excuse after excuse:
:: We’d say our kids are too young.
:: We’d say our home needs too many repairs.

We finally decided that when God’s asking you to do something, it’s kind of hard to turn away from Him. 
:: So one year ago, we decided we would try to foster a child.
:: But we didn’t realize we would have our first child for over a year.
:: He came to us severely neglected and struggled a lot.
:: He could barely walk up the steps to our porch.

He’s come a long way! He’s learned to ride a bike. He’s learned how to swim. He can run. Our small group and church family have been so supportive of us, always offering encouragement. He loves coming to church. When he first arrived, we’d pray before each meal and he’d always say: “Ugh, that praying thing again!” But now, he is the one that reminds us to pray when we start a meal.